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Brand Storytelling: What's the Purpose?

Updated: May 14

I'm excited to announce I'm now offering a Brand Story package that includes a full branding photography and video shoot. If you're wondering what this entails, why this can be an important piece of your marketing plan, and how you can utilize the products of this package, you've come to the right place!

What is included?

The brand story package includes a full day of pictures and video. This can be done out in the pasture, in your show barn, in your calving barn, you name it - as long as you're in your element! You will receive candid images of you and your family doing what you do best, your livestock, and a behind the scenes view of your operation. The video portion of the brand story package includes interviews with the important people in your operation that capture the history, current events, and future goals of your operation, resulting in a finished video that depicts the blood, sweat, and tears that often go along with building a successful seedstock operation.

Why is this Important?

Brand awareness is an important piece of your marketing plan. Brand awareness is important because it helps customers recognize and trust your brand, giving you a competitive edge, fostering customer loyalty, and opening up opportunities for growth and premium pricing. The brand story package can also highlight the aspects of your operation that set you apart from others. Another great reason to document your ranch's history through visual storytelling is to have a recorded story of how you got to where you are that can be shown for generations to come.

How can you use the Pictures and Videos in your Marketing?

Photos from a brand story shoot can be used in sale ads before sale cattle are pictured, filler and cover images in your catalog, on your website, and on social media. Find examples below of how some of my customers have used branding images in their advertising.

Print Ad

Catalog Page

Social Media Post

The video from the branding shoot can be used on social media and your website. Find stats below from a recent video series project for Wolff's Suffolks.

5400+ Views on Facebook

250+ Reactions

80+ Comments

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